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From Start-up to Maturity

We finance all business stages

We are an independent private equity firm, investing in a broad spectrum of companies, from start-ups to mature businesses, through dedicated funds.

Our purpose is to work together with our portfolio executive teams, complementing their skills, supporting growth and international development strategies.

We privilege innovation and value creation through solid capital structures and adequate governance models.

  • November 2021

    Investment in Puntes Packaging Partners

  • June 2021

    1st closing of HCapital II FCR

  • August 2021

    Divestment from HCCM

  • February 2021

    Investment in Automaise

  • December 2020

    Investment in Enline

  • January 2020

    Investment in proGrow

  • November 2019

    Investment in Loqr

  • June 2019

    Investment in Quantal

  • January 2019

    Investment in Glartek

  • December 2018

    Investments in Icebel and Omniflow

  • August 2018

    Investment in Frotcom

  • December 2017

    Investment in Eneida

  • October 2017

    Closing of New Ideas early stage fund

  • September 2017

    Investment in Hoooked

  • March 2017

    Investment in Teiga TMI

  • September 2016

    Investment in Solzaima

  • September 2015

    Investment in HCCM

  • July 2015

    Closing of ESID later stage fund

  • June 2014

    HCapital incorporation

Funds Under Management

Early Stage

New Ideas Fund
New Ideas invests in young companies with proven business models or entering in growth acceleration stages
It is a specialist Fund, targeting innovative companies and business models focused on (i) Energy, (ii) Smart Territories & Mobility, (iii) Industrial Processes, (iv) Data & Connectivity
Investment ranges from EUR 500 thousand up to EUR 2.5 million

Later Stage

ESID and HCapital II
The Later Stage area is focused on the Iberian mid-cap segment
It invests in mature companies with solid business models, broadly exposed to international markets, looking for capital (i) to support growth strategies or (ii) to sponsor capital replacement/buyout situations
We look for majority or minority stakes under robust business propositions, well skilled executive teams and thorough governance models
Investment starts at EUR 3 million

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

HCapital is a signatory of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI), having incorporated in its activity best international practices in terms of ESG, namely:

  • In terms of the analysis and decision-making process in HCapital’s investment / divestment activity, as well as in in its internal processes;
  • In follow on activities of portfolio companies, namely, identifying and quantifying the main objectives to be achieved in each and exercising continuous monitoring of their implementation;
  • Promoting the adoption and development of PRI and best ESG management practices.
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