HCapital II


Tools and equipment for gardening, forestry and agriculture

Based near Santiago de Compostela, Millasur is a Gardening, Forestry and Agriculture (“GFA”) equipment and tools player, operating across all relevant product segments, namely Equipment, Spare Parts and Consumables. Millasur mostly operates under a well-established own brand, Anova®, focusing its commercial operation on a capillary network of 3 300+ small- to mid-sized distributors, managed with the support of a capable B2B ecommerce platform. The Company also distributes third-party products such as Snapper®, Briggs & Stratton® and Först®. The product portfolio caters to domestic use and, to a lesser extent, to professional use.

Investment rationale

Expand Millasur’s operations both in Iberia and in other European markets, exploring entry into alternative sales channels.

Transaction Details

Date of investment / divestment
December 2023 /
Type of Operation


HCapital II